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    Introducing our Halloween Dance event!

    We have been assisted by the talent of multiple pixel artists including Kaiju/toofaced, levy_13, and lego_freak1999!
    You will find the heads of all who helped decorate and contribute, at the /spawn of the event.

    Emily and I will be chilling in voice chat DJing you some spooky tunes as well as nostalgic hits.

    ANYONE WHO ATTENDS will be entered to win a free tag prize! The day of, there will be a guest list. Enter your ign once to be entered.
    One winner for a tag will be drawn after the event ends.

    Anyone who wins an event (not a minigame, but a scheduled event), will be entered into a pool of winners. At the end of the night, one of the winners will be randomly selected to win a free Halloween or Fall tag prize.



    Monday, 11/02/2020.
    It will begin at 2:30pm EST (7:30pm GMT).
    We have a few planned events, but the event will run for as long as people want to attend/hang out. The latest it will be open is midnight EST.

    The events server! On Monday, type /events to join.
    TYPE /KIT PARTY for items!
    The kit is on an 8 minute cooldown.


    Minigame schedule & information are below.


    Always open:
    Pool party
    Barrier maze
    Fidget Room
    Void PVP
    Dance floor and refreshments

    Snowball arcade game
    Minecart toss game*

    3:00 pm EST (8pm GMT)
    Apple Bobbing event*

    4:00 pm EST (9pm GMT)
    Costume Contest Viewing*
    If you're unable to make it, you may still enter via discord.

    5 to 8pm EST (10pm to 1am GMT)
    The event will remain open. You can dance, explore, play or hang out with your friends. The server will remain open. Depending on the amount of people who attend, we can play more apple bobbing or spleef (which means more chances at winning a tag!)

    8pm - 12am EST (1am - 5am GMT)
    @emily and I will be DJing Halloween music, followed by nostalgic tunes/timeless bops. 4 hours may be an over estimate, but as long as I'm awake there will be music. Enjoy party drinks and fun potions/effects.


    Any event with an asterisk (*) may win you a prize! More information about these special events is below.
    THE WINNERS OF THESE COMPETITIONS will be entered into a small pool of winners, out of which one person will win the ultimate prize of a free Halloween/Fall tag of their choice at the end of the event.


    Costume Contest Information
    There will be two parts to the costume contest; original designs and internet designs. On the day of the event, temporary channels will be made in our discord server. Share one image of your costume in the designated channel with your IGN and a short description. At 4pm est, we will all gather in the theatre and focus on your costumes so we can vote for our favorites and see all sides of your costume. People will probably also use the 8pm dance to look.
    The winner of the original costume contest will be entered in the winners pool to have a chance at winning a tag. Depending on the # of original entries, the first place winner may automatically win a tag. It's up to my discretion when we begin counting entries.
    The winners of the internet costume contest will receive more entries in the randomized tag giveaway draw (the guestlist one which everyone is entered into automatically).

    Apple Bobbing Information
    This event was built by @looofah and @Mr_Crouch_JR ! You will dive down and search for your specified vegetable - either a gapple, potato, carrot, melon, or sweet berry. Each vegetable you recover is one point. The person with the most points wins the round. This winner will be entered into the Winner's Pool.

    There is no set time for spleef. Stay and hang out and we will see when it happens. Any winners will be entered into the Winner's Pool.

    Minecart Toss Game
    This game was built by Lego_freak1999!
    You have 5 TRIES to toss a diamond into a moving minecart. Should you make it in, your name will be recorded and added to the pool of winners. Play at your own risk!


    Comment below if you have any questions!