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    Aspiria Rules and Information

    This thread will be kept up to date with the rules on Aspiria, and should be often referred to. While I will try to keep the playerbase up to date on all major rule changes as they occur, these rules may be updated without warning. It is up to you, as a player, to make sure you are keeping track of the current rules.

    Which Rules To Use

    In general, these rules will be the ones you will need to refer to, and they encompass all of Aspiria's Minecraft servers. However, other servers may have the same rule located inside of it - if so, use that rule. As a hypothetical example:

    This document says you can make a 3x3x3 chunk farm, but you're playing on Purple, and according to Purple's rules, you are allowed a 4x4x4 chunk farm. In that case, the maximum farm size you can have is 4x4x4, since that rule is specific to Purple.

    If Purple said you could have a 2x2x2 chunk farm, then your max farm size would be 2x2x2 chunks. If Purple had no specific rules for farms, then your max farm size would be 3x3x3 chunks.

    TL;DR: Any rule on a specific server take precedence over these rules while playing on that server.

    Rules, Infractions, and Staff Adjudication

    All of the rules here are punishable if broken. You will see the initial punishment listed as 'first infraction', and all other infractions listed afterwards. This means if you keep breaking the same rule, the punishments get more severe. Only the first few infractions are listed for cleanliness sake (they are generally unimportant, but the staff team does have a more extensive list).

    A 'time out' is a short-term mute (usually no more than 10 or 15 minutes) intended to get your attention a bit more forcefully than a kick or warning. Ideally, this would be followed up by you and the staff member discussing what caused it and why it was an issue, so that it doesn't become something worse. It is mostly meant to give you a forced break to calm down or look over the situation.

    Staff are authorized to adjust punishments at their discretion based on circumstances - so do not hold the punishments in stone. In general, these punishment times will be followed, but they do not necessarily have to be. This allows our staff the freedom to make decisions for the betterment of Aspiria, without being bound in situations that don't fit.

    If something is not in the rules

    If something isn't in the rules, it is allowed. With that said, the rules will be followed by the spirit - rather than the letter - of the ruling. The spirit of the 'no griefing' rule, for instance, is that you do not grief builds. Players are capable of having fun and enjoying themselves without seeing their hard work destroyed.

    Trying to get past that rule by finding an unclaimed spot in their base and griefing that instead violates the spirit of that rule and will be punished accordingly. It will also cause the rule in question to be updated to be a bit more clear for those types of circumstances.

    There may be exceptions to this policy in major cases, but generally speaking if something isn't in the rules, it is our fault for not specifying. That said, certain things might only work once before they are put in the rules...

    Appealing Punishments, and Getting Clarification

    When a punishment is made, you are allowed to appeal this decision - please see the appeal information for more information on that. An appeal causes us to look into more detail into the situation, as well as get both sides of what happened, yours and the moderators, and see if the punishment should be lifted or removed, or left as is.

    We always take appeals seriously, because our job is for people to play (and enjoy) Aspiria - it is in your best interest to take them seriously as well. Failure to appeal a punishment is essentially admitting the punishment was accurate, and will be treated as such.

    Please also feel free to touch base with any staff member to get clarifications on the rules. If you cannot find a staff member, DM me - multirp#1337 - and I will personally discuss it.

    The Rules, and Jokes

    We have all heard, at one point in time, someone say something like "I'm building a lag machine lmfao jk sorrynotsorry" or similar. I, personally, have been pretty easygoing on it for a while, but I do want to make something clear. No matter how much you think of it as a joke, it isn't. Please do not joke about this kind of thing.

    As staff, our job is to make sure Aspiria is a great place to be, is maintained well, and that you all (and us) are safe. This may occasionally mean some concessions have to be made, and I feel this is one of them.

    I always investigate those jokes. Every time. I don't care who you are, how long you've been on the server, none of that. If you joke about xraying and I hear it, I'm literally watching you for the next 20 minutes, and going through the logs just to make sure. I'm also making sure every staff member I train does the same thing.

    If I investigate a nonissue, that's fine. I wasted a little bit of time, it happens. But if I fail to investigate a major issue because I thought it was a joke, it could potentially cause large scale issues for Aspiria - so understand my stance. If you joke about things like that, it will be investigated. Do not take it hard.


    We use a claiming system on our server. The tool you use to make a claim is a golden shovel (any golden shovel will work), and when using it, it will give you a link to a tutorial on YouTube about how it works. The short version though, is you right click on two opposite corners of the area you want to claim, and it will create that claim.​

    A claim prevents other players from modifying the claim or taking anything out of it, and it is strongly encouraged that you claim your builds. We cannot reasonably protect them if you do not.​
    Claim Distance: Claims must be a minimum 100 blocks away from any other claim, unless you have permission to build closer. Please note that this distance is not a hard requirement, it is based on crowding out other people. If your claim is in the way of an established claim, there might be problems, and you might be forced to move your claim regardless of distance involved.​
    When you claim in a new area that's close to another claim, it is in your best interest to get in touch with your new neighbors and make sure you will not be an issue. You should do this, and wait a reasonable amount of time for a response (a week or so) before fully establishing yourself in that location.​
    You are free to start to build, and get storage ready and filled, but if you end up with 30 chests of assorted stuff and a six bedroom mansion that you suddenly have to move, that is on you. Staff are unlikely to take the time necessary to move your build for you.​
    Claim Expiration: Claims expire after 75 days of inactivity unless you have 500,000 or more claimblocks. This is non-negotiable, and will not take real life concerns into consideration (vacations, inability to access Minecraft, forgetfulness, etc). We cannot be expected to adjudicate what is a 'reasonable' reason and what is not, nor should we.​
    If you know your claim is going to expire before you are able to get back on, it is strongly advised that you ask someone you trust to hold onto it. You will need to log in so you can unclaim it and let them claim it (and please tell staff when you do this, just so we can keep track!), but that way a claim will not prematurely expire.​
    In emergencies staff are able to force transfer a claim. If, for whatever reason, something honestly comes up suddenly that will make managing your claim impossible (ie: you lose internet and will not get it back before expiration) submit a ticket to our discord - this could easily be done via mobile phone - and let us know what is going on.​
    In the ticket, we will get what information we need, and we will be able to transfer your claim to another party. Note: they must have the claim blocks to support this! If they do not have the claim blocks to support the claim you are trying to give them, they will need to obtain them before the transfer. The less time we have to handle this, the harder it is and less likely we will be able to. So in emergency situations, it's in your best interests to deal with it immediately​
    Claim Disputes: A claim dispute is when two players have an issue with their claims. One player is too close and blocking another, or there was a stolen claim involved, or some other issue.​
    We ask that most claim disputes be handled by the players. Ultimately, they are people you are going to be around a while, and are going to have to learn to live with, so coming to a mutual decision is preferred. If staff need to get involved, we will, please make sure to file a ticket on the Discord with the specifics.​

    Raiding is defined as 'griefing, looting, or otherwise manipulating unclaimed and built up areas'. If someone makes a claim that expires, and you go through it for items to take - that's raiding. If you break blocks in the area, that's raiding.​
    Raiding is allowed on our server with some very strict requirements. We are not a raid server. We tolerate this out of necessity, but most of the staff is pretty against it in general. Realistically there are very few things you could even gain through this that you couldn't trivially get otherwise.​
    You, as the raiding player, accept any and all responsibility for your actions. If you raid a target you shouldn't, or people get upset about it, that is all on you. We cannot, and will not, protect you outside of telling people that you were within the rules to do so.​
    The area you are raiding needs to have been claimed and then naturally unclaimed (via command or through time). This rule does not give you an excuse to start raiding new players - that will not be tolerated.​
    If a player forgets to or doesn't know how to claim, then teach them. Or give them the Discord for them to get help. If they are offline, claim the area for them and submit a ticket telling us what happened so we can transfer the claim to them, something.​
    Raiding and items: When you obtain a claim that expired naturally, you are able to obtain all items within it. Essentially everything contained in the build becomes yours. Please submit a ticket to get these items transferred to you. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to:​
    • UHoppers
    • Robots
    • Chest Shops
    Note that this also covers problematic items. Yes, you can collect the items from an inactive player's chest shop, but if they have a lag machine in their build it will also be treated as yours. So please take this into consideration, and examine all obtained builds thoroughly and report any illegal builds that exist so they can be removed.​
    Consequences of Raiding: No matter how you want to spin it, or whatever you want to say about it, when you raid a location you are essentially making sure that player doesn't come back. They may have left and their claim naturally unclaimed, but if they come back to everything they worked for gone, they have no reason to stay. I know that had it happened to me, I wouldn't have.​
    This may just be a game, but the places you are rifling through for shinies were made by people as well - and deserve the respect that is due, and the time and energy they spent making and filling builds.​

    Farming Limits
    We limit the size of our farms for performance reasons. The current limits are listed here, and apply only to automatic farms. An automatic farm is defined as a farm that requires no user intervention to operate, and works completely autonomously.​
    This means that a pumpkin or melon farm using redstone to knock off the pumpkins is an automatic farm. This also means that a cactus farm utilizing vanilla mechanics to dislodge cactus - ie: signs - is also an automatic farm, despite not having redstone, as is a sweet berry farm harvested by foxes.​
    Any farm that is harvested and planted entirely by hand does not fall under these rules. You are free to make a manual wheat farm as large as you would like. Farms that are planted by hand but harvested by redstone should follow the automatic farms limits.​

    • 3x3x3 chunks (48x48x48 blocks). This includes any redstone, collection, or storage.
    • All farms must be at least 8 horizontal chunks away from any other fully automatic farm. Vertical distance is not taken into consideration with this, one auto farm 8 chunks above another one is counted as a 3x6x3 chunk farm, and will be treated accordingly.
    Infractions: Warning (First) | Farm Removal (Second) | Moderator+ Discretion (Third)

    No Griefing, Theft, or Scamming
    This rule basically involves playing nice with other players. Attempting to destroy their builds or bother them (griefing), take their things (theft), or trying to deceive someone into buying something (scamming) are all disallowed. This includes things like putting 'fake' items up on the player shop, such as an item renamed to make someone think it's something else. Keep in mind that infractions for this are based on severity of what happened as well as history - stealing a stack of cobblestone and stealing a stack of beacons are very different infractions.​
    These rules do not count on unclaimed land. If a build is unclaimed it is fair game to loot, break, or otherwise remove it. We have claiming plugins in place so that players are easily able to claim their builds, and we expect them to be able to do so. Trying to get around an active claim to grief or the like is not tolerated.​
    Reselling map art is included in this. The people who make map art spend a lot of time and resources on it, and deserve the payout for what they made. Always, if possible, get the okay from the creator of the art before reselling. You are free to resell a piece that you no longer wish to have, but cannot set up a chest shop or similar for it​
    Public Areas: Public areas are not bound by this rule by their very nature. Someone sitting at a mob farm invisibly collecting drops, or someone failing to replant at a public farm are not violations. As the server is public, we cannot control who joins or what they intend to do - it is on the owner of the claims discretion to make a public farm, and it becomes their responsibility to handle. Staff are not obligated to investigate, roll back, or otherwise manage public claims. A public areas owner may ask staff for assistance in the case of other rule violations (such as inappropriate builds), and we will handle it appropriately for those infractions.​
    If the owner of the farm is attempting to keep it regulated, such as with a door to prevent people from coming in while it's being used, we will respect that and take action on people who attempt to circumvent that security.​
    Infractions: 1 day ban (Minor) | 3 day ban (Moderate) | 7 day ban (Major)

    Hacked Clients and Disallowed Modifications
    Using a hacked client or a modification on our disallowed list, is punishment. You can view a list of them here on the forum. This includes any third party setup that allows automation of tasks normally done manually, such as a program meant to run a script (macro'ing) or placing things on a key in order to perform an action (keyweighting).​
    This list includes x-raying. Any form of x-ray, whether it is through using a hacked client, resource pack, copying down coordinates for nodes you know exist, or even following an x-ray tunnel made by another player, are all expressly forbidden. Please report any xray tunnels you come across that still contain ore. Failure to do so may result in you being punished for x-ray.​
    If you are caught x-raying, the related items (such as your pick) will be confiscated. The tunnel will be rolled back if feasible, and the items removed from your inventory.​
    Legal "Xraying": There are ways within Minecraft to determine where materials are based on other factors. If you are using one of these methods, please be aware that we can't distinguish between xray, and a legitimate mining tactic like this. Please appeal your ban in that case, preferably with as much information on how you were mining as you can (including youtube tutorials, papers, etc if you are able), and we will look into it, and likely remove the ban as well as know to keep a look out for it in the future to prevent false positives.​

    Infractions: 7 day ban (First) | Permanent ban (Second)

    Spambotting is the act of utilizing a bot, friends, or other method to send a message continuously; this includes using alts to constantly spam messages. Typically these are bots, and not real people so are different from the simpler 'spamming' rule.​

    Infractions: Permanent ban (First)

    Advertising is sending the ip of a server, or discussing a server with another player with the intention of trying to recruit that player to another server. Our stance on this has lightened somewhat, and we no longer take as definitive a stance on things like posting links or discussing other servers, but please make sure to keep an eye on how you come off.​
    We don't really want to steal players from other servers, and we'd rather other servers not try to steal ours. Our server - and other servers - both have unique interests to appeal to certain people, and can co-exist.​

    Infractions: Warning (Social media advertising or light server advertisement) | Permanent ban (Server advertisement with a prepared script or link)

    Bug Abuse, Item Duplication
    Bug Abuse is when you utilize a bug within either Minecraft or our own plugins for personal gain, such as trying to break bedrock to get to the ceiling. Item duplication is when you use bugs or obscure methods to copy items, such as trying to duplicate vote keys. Both of these are very harshly punished if you are caught doing them.​
    This includes, but is not limited to, GUI item grabbing, duping via a bug, or otherwise obtaining illegal items, money, or status via a bug or glitch. We try hard to make sure the server is fair for everyone, and there is no hidden way to get rich quickly, or obtain hard to get items without playing for it or trading with players.​
    If you find a glitch, bug, or duplication technique that still works: please report it on our discord server, to the forums or directly to a staff member, in-game or out of game. They will know where to direct you from there, or even contact myself (multirp#1337). The main goal here is to make sure people are aware of it quickly so it can be dealt with.​

    Infractions: Administrator discretion

    Real World Trading
    Real world trading is essentially trading IRL money for in-game money or items. This is a fairly broad definition, but boils down to doing it specifically for in-game sale.​
    Purchasing a treasure chest for in-game sale is fine, saying "I will buy you treasure chests, if you give me X in-game" is not. Essentially, this rule is in place to prevent possible scams, as if someone gave you that money out of game, we have no way of determining anything, nor is it within our jurisdiction to punish for it.​
    In short: Any purchase you make with IRL money are yours to do with as you wish. You can sell the items in game, you can buy other people ranks (we have a gift feature just for this), but we cannot protect you beyond that.​

    Infractions: Permanent ban (First)

    Releasing Personal Information (DOXX'ing)
    Leaking another player's name, social media, email, address, phone number, or other personal information. We take this kind of thing extremely seriously, please don't even joke about it. For your own protection, please don't leak your own information either - stating your first name and age is fine, but anything more than that should probably just not be said.​
    We cannot ensure who is on the server, or what their intentions are, so it pays to keep yourself safe. Please limit information like this to close friends only, and even then it would be best if you used something like Discord DM's rather than in-game communications. Under no circumstances should you release someone else's information. Not even if they say it's okay for you to. The punishment time on this will vary heavily depending on what the particulars of it were.​

    Infractions: 12 hour mute - 3 day ban (Minor; ex name or social media) | 7 day ban - Permanent ban (Moderate-Severe)

    In-Game Advertising
    Advertising should be tasteful, and risks becoming overwhelming pretty easily. In that vein, renaming an item to advertise a playerwarp and putting it up on your playershop, or going into pvp with the weapon hoping the death message will come up are both violations of this.​
    Feel free to advertise the player warp or player shop occasionally in game, you even potentially have the '/me' command to make it stand out a bit more, but try to not beat people over the head with it.​

    Infractions: Warning (First) | 1 day ban (Second) | 7d ban (Third)

    TP Trapping, TP Killing, Trap Killing, Bypassing PVP
    This long title references a series of very similar rules. We have specific pvp areas within our server, and we expect all pvp to take place inside of those areas. No form of PVP is allowed outside, and attempting to bypass PVP is punishable.​
    This includes, but is not limited to, placing lava buckets or ender crystals, utilizing pets, or the like. You are not allowed to damage players outside of the pvp specific areas.​
    Likewise, attempting to trap a player is disallowed, or otherwise cause harm to them through those means. If someone requests a TP to you and you are flying 50 blocks in the air and accept it, you are accepting responsibility for what might happen if, for instance, they do not have flight turned on.​
    Trapping people inside of a nether portal will be punished more harshly than other forms of this. As it's impossible for the player to do anything at all inside of a nether portal without first being force tp'd away from it.​

    Infractions: 2 day ban (First) | 7 day ban (Second) | Permanent ban (Third)

    Indecent Builds, Illegal Builds
    These are creating builds on the server that are not allowed, and contains two distinctly different types of builds:​
    Indecent builds include, but are not limited to: genitalia, swastikas, concentration camps, etc. This also includes signs with PG-13 or higher content in public areas (PG-13 content is allowed within a completely private area, but we still do not allow hate speech, racial slurs, inappropriate content or excessive swearing, etc. Light swearing is fine).​
    Illegal builds are builds that are made that violate some other rule and are included here for completion. The major builds to worry about with this are the following builds, though this list is not exhaustive:​
    • Lag machines
    • Bug-abusing builds (like trying to break bedrock)
    • Flying machines
    • 0-tick farms

    Infractions: 1 day ban (Minor; genitalia, flying machine) | 3d ban (Moderate; swastikas, bug-breaking builds, or 0-tick farms) | 7d (Major; Concentration camps) | Permanent ban (Severe; Highly-detailed indecent builds, lag machines)

    Punishment Evasion
    When a player is punished on our platform, we expect that punishment to be respected, as it was given out for a reason. If you wish to contest a punishment, please submit an appeal and we will look into it, to see if it can be reduced or eliminated, but trying to bypass the punishment is itself a punishable offense (usually banning for the same length of time as the mute, or permanent/IP ban for ban evasion)​
    Using books, and signs to communicate with players is fine, but it is at their discretion; if you start becoming a bother to them or others, it is your responsibility to stop and respect that, or it may be considered punishment evasion.​
    Using books and signs to communicate with staff is always allowed as long as you do not violate other rules with that communication. We want to make sure you can talk to us as needed to handle your punishment, get clarification, or report other issues.​

    Infractions: Warning (First) | Ban for remaining time (Second; Mute Evasion) | Alt Ban for remaining time (Second; Ban Evasion) | Permanent IP Ban (Third)

    Item Farming, and Alt Use
    Do not use alternate accounts, VPNs, or any other means to farm for items. These include, but are not limited to:​
    • Using an alt to keep a farm loaded, while you are elsewhere doing something
    • Logging in with an alt in order to obtain more OP crates, vote keys, or similar
    • Using a VPN to vote with multiple accounts on the same connection

    In short, we provide ways for the players to get rewarded for certain acts (like purchasing a vote party to give all players vote keys). Abusing this for your own gain with an alt will be punished.​
    We allow alts on our network. You are free to log in with as many accounts as you please. But you cannot utilize those alts for things that normal players cannot obtain, like additional OP crates, extra coins from time spent online, obtaining multiple places on game lists, etc. In general, try to make sure your alts do not really interact with your main and there won't be a problem.​

    Infractions: Warning; Alt ban (First) | 14 day ban of main, Permanent ban of alt (Second); Permanent ban (Third)

    Inappropriate Names/Nicknames
    Having an in-game name that violates one of the rules or is inappropriate. Whether this is because of your chosen Minecraft name, or because of using an ability such as /nick in order to change the displayed name. This also includes utilizing characters that cannot be typed normally - such as emoji.​
    Using different fonts (as long as they are clear and easy to read) and using diacritical marks like 'ë' are allowed.​

    • Name: Kicked, asked to change name (First) | Permanent mute or ban (Second; as appropriate - Can be appealed when changed)
    • Nickname: 1 hour mute (First) | 3 day mute (Second) | 7 day mute (Third) - all include removal of Nickname

    Inappropriate Skin
    Wearing a skin that is inappropriate, and breaks one of our rules. This includes nude skins, skins with indecent depictions on them, Hitler skins, or other heavily controversial topics.​

    Infractions: Kick with a warning to change skin (First) | Permanent ban (Second; appealable when the skin is changed)

    Inappropriate Item Names
    Failure to follow our policy on item names available when renaming items. As a general rule, this includes using guns as names, drugs, or anything else that violates other rules. If someone complains about an item name, and we find the complaint legitimate, you'll be asked to change it or we will change it for you. Please do not use emoji in item names.​

    Infractions: Verbal Warning (First) | Warning; item name changed for you (Second) | Moderator discretion (Third)

    Inappropriate Chat
    This is a wide category, covering lots of bases, but there are lots of things that are not allowed in chat. This is to keep the server fun, safe, and enjoyable for everyone concerned. The types of topics that are not allowed in chat include, but are not limited to:​
    • Harassment (including sexual harassment): Targeted, continual harassment of a player.
    • Death Threats: Threatening to kill the player, their family and friends, pets, etc. This also includes asking them to kill themselves, or supporting it or similar. Just please don't.
    • Discrimination, or other racially charged items (slurs, racism, etc): Being discriminatory to another player's race, religion, ethnicity, orientation, gender, disability, beliefs, etc. This rule covers all forms of discrimination. If you have to ask "does this cover X" then yes, yes it does.
    • Encouraging rule breaking: Trying to convince someone to break our rules does not leave you free of breaking them. If they break a rule at your encouragement, you are likely to be punished the same as them, and can be punished just for trying to encourage this behavior in the first place
    • Arguing: we're all going to argue from time to time, it's an inevitable part of interacting with people. But when you start getting out of hand, it needs to stop. We will try to ask you to stop before it reaches the point of punishment, but we will step in if we need to
    • Excessive swearing and filter bypassing: The filter exists for a reason. It's to catch the stray time someone happens to swear; if it catches the swear, it has done its job. When someone tries to consistently trip it, or find ways around it, there's a problem (we are aware there are some words that are impossible to say, and are legitimate words. Bring them up, and if they're common enough we can add them, but if not please try to find other words to use)
    • Excessive spamming: The consecutive use of many characters ("AAAAA") or symbols ("$$$$$"), as well as ALL CAPITALS or c o n s i s t a n t s p a c i n g. These all add little to nothing to chat other than to make it annoying to read, and drown out the people trying to talk
    • Begging: Begging in chat fulfills the same thing spamming does. It constantly hits one point in chat ("Anyone have any money?") and fills chat with requests that will, likely, never be filled.
    • Inappropriate channel usage: We now have several channels that can be used in chat, please make sure you are speaking on the appropriate one. Specific languages have their own channel for people who want to use it, Global is for general discourse amongst the server (Global is in the English language), Roleplaying is for people who want to roleplay, Local is for local discussion, and Announcements are for staff/server announcements to the players.
    • Harassment/Discrimination: 1 hour - 1 day mute (Minor) | 3 day mute or ban (Moderate) | 10 day ban (Major)
    • Death Threats: 1 day ban (First) | 7 day ban (Second) | Permanent ban (Third)
    • Spamming/Swearing: Warning (First) | Time Out (Second) | 12 hour mute (Third)
    • Other: Time-Out (First) | 6 hour mute (Second) | 3 day ban (Third)

    Command Spamming, Plugin Abuse
    Command spamming is the use of certain provided commands with an intention to annoy. Mass tpa'ing would be the most common example, where you try to tpa to everyone.​
    Plugin abuse is using the function of one of our plugins in order to bypass a rule being put into place. This would be similar to using /me to bypass someone ignoring you, spamming your pws with 'visits' from you in order to inflate it's standing, or the like.​

    Infractions: Warning or Time Out (First) | 1 day ban (Second) | 3 day ban (Third)

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