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    Lol, since no one can get on the server and what a lot of people do anyways is talk, lets just talk here like we would normally do on the server :p
    [DOUBLEPOST=1453597084,1453597075][/DOUBLEPOST]Hi people
    No clue
    [DOUBLEPOST=1453597357,1453597299][/DOUBLEPOST]omg a few mins ago I made my 600th post : DDDD
    [DOUBLEPOST=1453597489][/DOUBLEPOST]I just now noticed that at the top of the website it says "Sorry but the server seems to be down!" lol
    I want to play old town :mad::oops::(!!
    [DOUBLEPOST=1453597667][/DOUBLEPOST]Im going to go think of new names for old town o3o.