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  • NEWS Exciting Evolutions - Plus, Jobs, and Hardcore Mode



    Hi Aspirians!

    Firstly, I truly hope that you and yours are well. Thank you for your continued patronage, and I am so excited to announce and recap many exciting developments over the past few months.

    The most exciting and predominant announcements are as follows. These are new ventures, so as always - if you notice any bugs, please open a discord ticket. Thanks!



    Aspiria Plus; The Subscription Rank
    I am thrilled to announce the debut of our new subscription rank on Aspiria!
    This rank is called Aspiria Plus.

    With Aspiria Plus, you gain access to tons of new exciting features. Please refer to this link to purchase your subscription! I'll be reviewing the perks and how to use them below. With plus, there are highly-requested utility perks, and I am excited to finally release these to you. Plus has /enchant and /anvil, for on the go utility. To instant brew, shift and right click on a brewing stand. You can also condense your inventory with /condense.
    Plus also has new claim enhancements, and adjusted cooldowns for those with the perks it applies to.

    And finally, my personal favorite part - you get access to 3 custom colored item names per month. Type /plus claim to obtain the tags, and right-click the tag to select the color. Note that it is one solid color per item name.
    Plus subscribers also get /sit (I'm sitting in the banner at the top of this post ;) ). I know of a lot of players wanted to /sit anywhere, and now you can!

    Subscribe to plus HERE!


    We also released Jobs on the Aspiria Minecraft Server. You can sign up for your specialty, and earn money for working!
    The job choices are:
    • Tradesman; chop down trees, and craft simple items
    • Miner; break and place terrain
    • Farmer; farm, fish, tame, and more
    • Champion; kill, tame, explore
    • Builder; place blocks
    • Blacksmith; craft, smelt, repair
    • Wizard; brew, enchant, repair
    When you select a job, you get increased XP for your work, and it provides you new ways to grow within the economy. Use /jobs join !
    In addition, quests are back in the form of /jobs quests! This is how you earn money from your job.


    Hardcore Mode
    With our new Hardcore Mode, you can prove yourself to be the best survivalist! This mode disables godmode, /homes, /shop, and more commands. You are only able to use /wild for 24 hours after you enable hardcore mode.


    Bedrock Support
    We recently rolled out Bedrock support on Aspiria! Historically, Java servers have been strictly Java, and same for Bedrock servers. However, with magic from our developers, we are now able to support Bedrock players! As a warning, the GUIs were designed for Java, so they may look strange on Bedrock. This is expected, but everything should work just fine. If you notice any bugs, please open a discord ticket.
    Use the command "/linkaccount" to link your java and bedrock account!


    Fight your friends outside of PVP with /duel!
    Begin a duel with /duel [username].


    Those are our main new announcements! In addition, the Skyblock reset went swimmingly, and the Skyblock playerbase jumped on the opportunity of a reset economy. Players are also excited about Skyblock releasing as not 1.15, but 1.16, and enjoying the new features upgrading allowed us to provide.

    Here are other notable points from over the last few months.


    Global Updates
    • All of our servers are upgraded to 1.16.3. We still have support for older clients, but join with a 1.16 client for an optimal experience.
    • Titans+ have access to /tptoggle
    • We introduced the collector crate, only currently obtainable by voting. Win rare items with this crate!
      We have cycled in (and out) a few batches of items. Currently, the Fall crate is in - and expect Halloween items soon
      Special thanks to @captainkittyx for her help with this crate.

    Store Updates
    • We currently have Autumn tags in the shop! Get them HERE !
      They include Pumpkin~ , Autumn! , and cozy . Halloween tags will be coming soon!
    • We introduced the Title Cosmetics Crate to the store! This crate provides you with one random tag as a physical in-game item. Apply the tag to yourself, or sell it in-game! Buy it here.
    • OP Shears have been added to OP crates, and the new OP Harvester Hoe is now available on the store (here!)
    • The Pillar Wand is now available on our store (here)! Build horizontal or vertical pillars of blocks to make building large structures more efficient.
    • New buddies have been added to the store, including a baby Enderdragon, a unicorn, and the coffin dancers meme. Buy them here.

    Community Updates
    • Aspiria now has a tiktok! Find us on tiktok at @aspiriamc
    • Just a reminder that you should also follow our twitter and instagram too - @aspiriamc!

    Economy Updates
    • 1.16 blocks have been introduced to the /shop.
    • We have developed a dynamic coin shop, meaning items rotate in and out each week!
    • We introduced the mob net to the coin shop, which acts as a pokeball.
    • Barrels and Shulkers can now be used as chest shops.

    Skyblock Updates
    • Skyblock now has support for a 5th teammate on your island. This upgrade can be purchased for $10m.
    • Vote Parties and Spawner Crates were added to skyblock (buy them here!)
    • Pigstep disc was added to the Legendary Crate.


    Again, thank you all for your continued support. It's been amazing to see the community grow and support each other. Here's to more exciting developments, and enjoying these new features!