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    1. 1

      Dawn of a New Day

      You posted your very first message. Welcome to Aspiria!
    2. 1

      Like You

      It seems someone liked your content!
    3. 1


      One year down. Did you like your stay?
    4. 1

      Happy Birthday!

      From Aspiria to you, we wish you a happy birthday!
    5. 1

      Welcome to the Staff Team!

      Congratulations on your acceptance to the staff team!
    6. 1


      Congratulations on being part of the Administration team. Enjoy this exclusive trophy!
    7. 2


      After two years, you must be committed to Aspiria. Let's make that three years!
    8. 3


      After three years, you've helped forge Aspiria's community to become what it is today.
    9. 4


      With four years put into Aspiria, we thank you for your dedication and love for our community.
    10. 5


      You reached 30 messages! Is this the start of something big?
    11. 5


      Five years of changes together has cultivated what Aspiria has become.
    12. 10

      Climbed The Hill

      Finally, 100 messages posted!
    13. 10


      You've reached 25 likes. Whatever you're doing is working!
    14. 15


      At 100 likes, your content surely has made an impact somewhere.
    15. 20

      A Thousand Blocks

      1,000 messages. Do your fingers need a break?
    16. 20


      With 250 likes, are you sure you don't have a secret admirer?
    17. 30


      You and your 500 likes make you a cherished member of the community.
    18. 40


      You truly are adored to reach 750 likes.
    19. 50

      Mouth of the Cavern

      After reaching 5,000 messages, I worry for your keyboard.
    20. 50

      Love You

      At last... 1,000 likes!
    21. 100

      Scale The Mountain

      You have done the unthinkable and posted 10,000 messages! Congratulations!