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  • Vacation: Day 4 (Wisconsin; camping)

    Hello mateys,

    I am happy (and sad, of course) that my vacation ends Saturday, so I can get back on Aspiria. I am also happy to announce that everyday, in the off-topic section, I will be talking about my day and what I did during my vacation. ( only during my vacation! ) I put day 4, because I happened to think of this idea today. So, here it is for day 4.

    Today, for breakfast, we had eggs and bacon. The eggs weren't as good as I like them, they were rubbery, but when I put salt and pepper on them? They were goooood. Later in the day, we went to the beach, where I played catch with this water football.. after that, we buried my brother alive in sand, with only his head popping out. It was quite the achievement, I tell you. Then I just sat watching the fire, until I got bored, so I went in my camper and thought of this idea, and know I'm writing this.

    Have a good day,


    (PS, this took a while to write with my tiny phone keyboard. ;v)
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