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  • The Ghost of the beach.

    So while I was at the beach, weird stuff happened in the place we rented for the week.

    -The hot-tube turned the bubbles on and off at random times regardless if we change it our selfs.

    -When I was alone in the elevator, yes there are such things as elevators in houses lol, the doors started rattling when I past floor 2 and 3, they only did it that one time. o.o

    -Me, my brother, and my cousin all play cards at night as a beach tradition. We were all playing Uno and suddenly we heard "doo doo" It was siri and we assumed someone put their elbow on their phone in their pocket but no, it was my cousin's phone and it was on the floor 2 feet away from her. On the screen it said "Your scary" as if one of us had said that, siri's response was "I don't really like these arbitrary categories, Sarah." None of us even said anything nor did anyone activate siri.

    -2 nights later, we were playing cards again and my cousin had a drop of blood on her pants. She wasn't even bleeding and she got freaked out.

    -We tested all electrical appliances/lights/tvs and all worked fine, 3 days later all of the lamps in one of the rooms wouldn't turn on but the TV still worked.

    -A deer (like why on earth are deer at the beach, an island for that matter since I was at the outer banks NC) walked up to our front yard and lay'd down, my dad walked out there to it and it didn't run it sat there looking at him and gazing around like he didn't have a care in the world.
    idk if that's ghostly or just weird but I put it here anyways.

    -I had the WEIRDEST dreams in my life here o:

    So ya those are some true things that happened while at the beach :p
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