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    So here are some of my farms (not all)

    My newest Gold Farm (made this yesterday). I made this because everyone was really upset about warp exit41 moving away from Simp's Gold farm so I made one in my town :3
    It also includes an auto-kill feature so you can be afk/doing stuff around town while it collects drops.
    I have a Cleric villager in the farm aswell to trade rotten flesh for emeralds.

    rltj1863 -farm owner -farm maker
    coopersbattle -helper (materials and building tedious walls/floors)
    SkydiverPro -made the farm very pretty If he left it how it was, it looked like it came out of a garbage truck. ThankYou Sky!

    I also spent about 45-50k on buying obsidian and glass to make this farm possible for the community ;P

    Next up, my guardian farm.
    This one took alot longer than the gold farm because I had to clear the ocean >_<
    -The cleared area has a slime chunk in it too xD

    rltj1863 -farm owner -farm builder -provider of sponge to clear water -water clearer
    locojoe_01 -wall helper -water clearer
    Pockey12 -provider of OP Pickaxe for temple
    Jaguar -water clearer
    Justinking -water clearer
    floatingdemon -elder killer

    My two other farms are my sugar cane farm (by: rltj1863) and my my fully automatic cow farm (by: rltj1863)
    The sugar cane farm is the classic style that most people have in the server but it is 6 of those stacked up
    The cow farm makes cooked Steak and makes cows around every 10 seconds

    I hope you like my creations and if you want to use/visit them go to /warp exit37 :3

    And put emeralds in my emerald donation chest too (by the beacon)