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    Hey everyone !
    Comment one item that's on your Christmas List!
    So I came up with this idea similar but different to another forum.
    I am holding the Bottom of the Calander Holiday building contest!
    This means that on the special plot of land that I have made, Everyone is invited to build a turkey, Christmas tree,or even a turkey on a Christmas tree! . Basically anything Holiday related from November to Janurary.
    1st: 10$ rank upgrade or 10$ to spend on the Old Town Online Shop

    2nd: beautifully crafted mansion made by the one and only Tabby Cat

    3rd: 10k in game

    There are currently no judges at the moment, comment below

    Judge requirements:
    You must

    •Have donated
    •Are active on the forums
    •Have played for 1 month

    Comment below if you would like to
    •be a judge
    •participate in the contest