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  • A (really) late introduction.


    "Uh oh," the traveller said, "Hydra made another forum post."

    Hi there. It's me. HydraKiller90, better known as Hydra, and for the old players: Winfree. Which is why I've renamed my account "OldManWinfree", as I am now technically an "old", or "inactive" player. But hopefully that changes, soon! by the way you won't be able to take "HydraKiller90" because i'm taking it back the day it's available

    I have an ongoing "weekly report", where I discuss my plans and ideas, and will be the founder of both a city (Hypex) and a shop (Bionyx, however there will be an update on that wednesday). My main server is Red, however I occasionally hop onto Skyblock.
    I have been playing on Aspiria since.. I think 2018. Yeah, two years without an introduction.
    Ever see me ingame? Feel free to say hi! Just.. don't spam.