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    1. Zqptoz

      How to become staff! (Tips)

      I use OBS; I used to use Bandicam, it's honestly very crappy. It has a watermark, and to be honest, just makes YOUR gameplay and recordings noticeably slower. OBS is amazing; but if you get your settings right on
    2. Zqptoz

      On my way home!

      So, we're all packed up and on the road! I'll be online on Aspiria at about 8 or 9 o clock central time, or maybe not at all today, as I have to unpack. I'll definitely be in tomorrow though! Seeya then, -Zqptoz
    3. Zqptoz

      Change of plans! :)

      Haha! Yeah, I don't go on trips as much either. Maybe the occasional 2 day trip in Nebraska or somewhere near, but other than that, I almost never get to go on a 1 week trip. I guess I am pretty lucky, Haha! The trip was still VERY fun, but I still miss the Aspiria community at the same time.
    4. Zqptoz

      Change of plans! :)

      So a couple of mins ago, I was hanging in my camper cause I was bored of camping at the moment. (I was writing my "How to be a staff Member" post which you can find here.. ---> https://aspiriamc.com/threads/how-to-become-staff-tips.2682/#post-14702 And my mother walked in and said we're...
    5. Zqptoz

      How to become staff! (Tips)

      Well, I guess you're right. But I did get these tips from a friend who does have experience, which I mentioned. And I didn't put it under tutorials because it says "in game threads" or something like that above it.
    6. Zqptoz

      How to become staff! (Tips)

      There comes a time where you feel like you really want to help out, but always get denied on your application. Right? This thread will teach you a thing or two about improving in certain areas. ( These tips my friend told me as he has experience being a staff member ) 1: Maturity. To be a staff...
    7. Zqptoz

      Plans for when I get back

      As (most) of you know, I'm on vacation right now. So I would like to discuss some of my plans when I get back. -Thursday my building contest ends -Help build "The city of libraries" (hosted by HypSandar check him out he's cool) -Help building more in Berkly City -Maybe apply for Mod in 2-3...
    8. Zqptoz


    9. Zqptoz

      Hi ^_^

    10. Zqptoz

      Day 6: (Wisconsin; camping)

      So this morning I had sausage and bacon on the fire. It was quite fantastic. After breakfast I hung out in the camper a little bit, then we went to ride go-carts. They were pretty fast.... then we did mini golf, and I beat my brother in it. After that stuff, we got some ice cream... I got one...
    11. Zqptoz

      Day 5: (Wisconsin; Camping)

      So, when I woke up today, we went to this cafe place. I ordered something called the Something Skillet. I forgot the first word... I didn't realize how big it was gonna be until I got it... it was HUGE! I ate like, half of it. Anyways, after that, we went to this store called "piggy wiggly"...
    12. Zqptoz

      hello :)

      Haha! Welcome to Aspiria, I assure you you'll have an amazing experience with us!
    13. Zqptoz

      Naruto is real!!

      Naruto iz 4 sur reel m8!
    14. Zqptoz

      Hosting building contest, head to my thread on "projects" for info

      Hosting building contest, head to my thread on "projects" for info
    15. Zqptoz

      [Rpack] Faithful with paintings!

      Aye, I like those paintings man! -Zqptoz
    16. Zqptoz

      Small Aspiria building contest!

      Hey guys! So about a week ago, I don't exactly know how long ago, but I sold one of my items, and got 90k, so I'm hosting a building contest! I'm using practically all my money, because why not, and I want to give money away to people. Try to build things that don't require much quarts, etc...
    17. Zqptoz

      Embedding Pictures! [Guide]

      Hey, That's kind of you to put step by step with pictures to help others do this. I know a lot of people who have issues with this, and it's very helpful! Noice, -Zqptoz
    18. Zqptoz

      Vacation: Day 4 (Wisconsin; camping)

      Hello mateys, I am happy (and sad, of course) that my vacation ends Saturday, so I can get back on Aspiria. I am also happy to announce that everyday, in the off-topic section, I will be talking about my day and what I did during my vacation. ( only during my vacation! ) I put day 4, because...
    19. Zqptoz

      Can't write books!?

      Haha, I totally forgot that you say "cheers". I'll not say it anymore. :v
    20. Zqptoz

      Architects of Sorrow [Feedback?]

      Hey man, that is some AMAZING work! You used many strong words, and the book is long, too! I, to be honest, enjoyed reading it. You should be an artrist in real life someday! Aye, -Zqptoz