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    1. ThePatriotKING


      When are the character heads coming?
    2. ThePatriotKING

      I did it.

      I submitted an unban app about 3 weeks ago and I havent been unbaned yet. I also told Chicken to tell me on the forums when i'm back. So am I back..... Or when can i return?!?!?!!? I miss this server alot!!!!
    3. ThePatriotKING

      ThePatriotKING was framed

      So i recently got banned for taking down a structure of Kill_it_Wif_Fire. So what had happened was that he /msg me to "help" him take his old house down. I did that. I also gave all the wood back and planks. Then the next day I get banned. It exactly says this. Bakpak banned me for taking down a...