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    1. ChickenSaysBak

      Riverdance the Show - We need dancers!

      Hello, we will be preforming a show known as Riverdance in Minecraft!. The original Riverdance is an Irish dance show preformed in the Point Theatre in Dublin Ireland. We have recreated it and plan to do a performance here in Minecraft! We are currently looking for cooperative people that are...
    2. ChickenSaysBak

      It's my lucky day :D

    3. ChickenSaysBak

      Bak's new House

      Just showing off my wonderful new house :3 Tell me what you think!
    4. ChickenSaysBak

      Bak's 1st Oldtown Bday

      Yesterday, febuary 17th, was my 1 year bday in oldtown! I joined this server in 2015 and I love every memory of it with all of my feathers :D Thank you all for making the most wonderful experiance for me :P I sound like im writing a goodbye letter lol..im not XD -bakpak :)
    5. ChickenSaysBak

      For those of you that are currently bored...

      Lol, since no one can get on the server and what a lot of people do anyways is talk, lets just talk here like we would normally do on the server :P Hi people
    6. ChickenSaysBak

      Got Trash?

      So you know when you've been doing things in minecraft and then your inventory fills up with random things you don't need so you start dumping then out on the ground or put them in a chest you never open? I have made a recycle room where you can dump out your trash and your items will be used in...
    7. ChickenSaysBak

      The Jeliak Show

      This is episode 1 of The Jeliak Show! :D I hope you luv crazyness!
    8. ChickenSaysBak

      New Years Video

      Hello, I made a newyears video in oldtown! :D Also featuring OfficialNoob15! Happy 2016!!!!!!!!!! -bakpak
    9. ChickenSaysBak

      Village maker thingy :P

      I made a thing that shows you how to build a Minecraft village :D mcvillagemaker.weebly.com lol idk what to say about it
    10. ChickenSaysBak

      Haunted House :P

      I just did my (its my brother's) haunted house :D
    11. ChickenSaysBak

      500th Post

      :P Lol I had to do it :D For my 500th post ima make a note to everyone. -If you've had a bad day, think of chickens. -If you are bored, think of chickens. -If you angry at someone, think of chickens. -If it's the best day of your life, think of chickens. -If you are depressed, think of...
    12. ChickenSaysBak

      Guess what bakpak will do

      Guess what bakkypakpak will build on oldtown after the 1.9 update :^ the winner gets tacos nothing.
    13. ChickenSaysBak

      The Ghost of the beach.

      So while I was at the beach, weird stuff happened in the place we rented for the week. -The hot-tube turned the bubbles on and off at random times regardless if we change it our selfs. -When I was alone in the elevator, yes there are such things as elevators in houses lol, the doors started...
    14. ChickenSaysBak

      Ended Book Contest! - Concluded

      Hello, bakpak here bringing you a contest! You will write a nice story on a book and quill in the server. Whichever contestant writes the best book, wins! Requirments - No fact book/how to, must be story based. - At least 5 pages long - Don't write a story that's already been written. * An...
    15. ChickenSaysBak

      My chicken buddies (also featuring kittens)

      These are my chicken friends! bak bak This is Jake. This is Ms. Moo on her nest (and its a bad picture) Here are some cute kittens...
    16. ChickenSaysBak


      YAY I figured out how to make a thread even though the forums page is messed up. (I went to Your Content and clicked general discussion and it kept me signed in!) Well to start off, I got titan!!! Tho I can't use it yet due to the server being down I never thought I would get titan before (the...
    17. ChickenSaysBak

      300th post!

      This is my 300th post and I felt like talking about it ;P Everybody dance! (and also by the looks of it im the first person to post 300 things lol) Notable Members | Old Town
    18. ChickenSaysBak

      Showcase: Rltj's Farms

      So here are some of my farms (not all) My newest Gold Farm (made this yesterday). I made this because everyone was really upset about warp exit41 moving away from Simp's Gold farm so I made one in my town :3 It also includes an auto-kill feature so you can be afk/doing stuff around town while...
    19. ChickenSaysBak

      I'm doing something huge here..

      If you have lost your items in WW3 (its literly world war, the ground ate u) make an order below (like a drive thru) of things u lost. Please be honest, I am trying to help don't lie to me on what you have plz, You will feel bad inside if you do :( EDIT: Actually fate seems to have cured the...
    20. ChickenSaysBak

      Whats up? :D

      What has everyone been busy with on the server? Projects? I've been adding new villagers trading areas using my villager farm and fixing up my town and making my shop bigger and selling silk touch books lol. Post below to share what you've been up to :3