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    1. Maxxx17

      Disabling auto-loading of Purple pack

      I remember how I agonized with the Purple pack when I played this game. It's good that the game Lost Ark has no such problems with logging into servers. It's an open world game and one of the most anticipated releases in the MMORPG genre. Try to play and do not forget to buy lost ark gold to...
    2. Maxxx17

      Can't access Red

      Consider simply and other servers on which you will be comfortable to play. How about Minecraft Parkour Servers where you can show yourself in all your glory? Today the number of servers with the minigame Parkour is rapidly growing. The reason is that this addition to Minecraft has appeared...
    3. Maxxx17

      What is everyone's favorite kind of cake!!!!!

      I like meringue. And with any kind of filling.