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      A Question

      @Grass_83 yeah feel free to stream on Aspiria! Just make sure you are following our rules :) Have fun
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      Whats everyone's favorite pizza?

      Hawaiian was my fav but I'm not eating meat/pork anymore. I enjoy a nice margarita/caprese pizza
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      NEWS Purple 1.17 - A new world...

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hi Aspirians! I hope y'all are doing well. It's been great seeing familiar faces returning and active in the servers these days! Your continued support means the world to us, and I'm always happy to see friends, old and new. It's been quite some...
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      OFFICIAL AspiriaMC || PURPLE Rules

      Download the Purple texture pack: [CLICK HERE] This is a list of all of the rules for our Purple survival server. Farm limits are located at the bottom of this page. This thread will be updated as necessary to keep the list available and up-to-date for all players. All offenses in this post...
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      I remember you !!! Hey! How are you doing?

      I remember you !!! Hey! How are you doing?
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      OFFICIAL AspiriaMC || PURPLE Information & FAQ

      RULES: [CLICK HERE] PURPLE TEXTURE PACK DOWNLOAD: [CLICK HERE] Drag and drop into your Minecraft resource pack folder. Purple is brand new. Please allow us time to expand this thread as we receive questions. WHAT IS PURPLE? Purple is our newest survival server. THIS IS NOT A BETA TEST...
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      Halloween Dance Event

      Introducing our Halloween Dance event! We have been assisted by the talent of multiple pixel artists including Kaiju/toofaced, levy_13, and lego_freak1999! You will find the heads of all who helped decorate and contribute, at the /spawn of the event. Emily and I will be chilling in voice chat...
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      Limited Edition Halloween OP Items

      Here is a full list of all of the limited edition op items! Buy them here -> store.aspiriamc.com/category/limited-edition PS here are the new tags too OP Helmet OP Chestplate OP Leggings OP Boots OP Hoe OP Shears OP Stick OP Pick OP Sword OP Axe OP Shovel OP Bow OP...
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      NEWS Exciting Evolutions - Plus, Jobs, and Hardcore Mode

      Hi Aspirians! Firstly, I truly hope that you and yours are well. Thank you for your continued patronage, and I am so excited to announce and recap many exciting developments over the past few months. The most exciting and predominant announcements are as follows. These are new ventures, so as...
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      NEWS Skyblock Reset - A New Beginning

      Hello Aspirians! Firstly, the most important announcement; our Skyblock 1.12 server will be resetting in approximately ONE MONTH. The goal release date is July 17th, 2020. Our new Skyblock server will be on version 1.15, which will allow us to roll out a ton of new and exciting features for you...
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      NEWS Competitive - A New Experience

      Hello Aspirians! I have so many exciting developments to share with you all! We have had an influx of new players, and have been seeing some old faces. In addition, we have a brand-new gamemode - the Competitive server! Due to Covid-19, people are taking the initiative to stay inside and...
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      OFFICIAL AspiriaMC || SKYBLOCK Rules, Information & FAQ

      "How do I begin?" Create an island with /is create. You should also make a cobble gen. If you are new to skyblock, this gamemode is all about grinding. "How do I make money?" Start out with a simple cobblestone generator. This will produce both cobblestone and ores that you can sell for money...
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      OFFICIAL Punishment Appeal | Information

      | Information If you have a punishment that you feel was unfair, you can appeal it here. This section is for those who feel that they deserve an unmute, or unban prior to their expiry. Please know that creating an appeal does not mean that you will get your ban reduced. Despite the constant...
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      Bug Report Format

      Thank you for reporting a bug! Please include the following in your bug report. -What does it affect? Islands, Items, Blocks, Perks, Etc. -Who does it affect? -Detailed instructions on how to trigger or see the bug -Coordinates, In-Game Names, etc (if applicable). Include as much information...
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      Bug Report Format

      Thank you for reporting a bug! Please include the following in your bug report. -What server is it on - Red, or Blue? -What does it affect? Items, Blocks, Perks, Etc. -Who does it affect? -Detailed instructions on how to trigger or see the bug -Coordinates, In-Game Names, etc (if applicable)...